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Scoring in volleyball is fairly simple. The old school style of scoring in volleyball involved a method called side out scoring. This method of scoring is outdated and rarely used in keeping score any longer. Side out scoring meant that the serving team was the only team that could score a point. If the serving team loses the point, no team is awarded a point. Instead, the other team simply gets to serve and they are then in a position to earn a point. Most volleyball matches conform to rally scoring now which allows both teams to score a point regardless of which team is serving the ball.

You may toss a coin or simply agree upon a team to serve first. Scoring for a volleyball game is typically to 21 or 25 or 30 points based on what is agreed upon by the two teams. Only 1 point is awarded to the team that wins the rally. A team must win by a margin of 2 points. Most volleyball matches are best out of 3 games or best out of 5 games. Best out of 3 games means that the team that wins 2 games first wins the match. Best out of 5 games means that the team that wins 3 games first wins the match.

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