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Tennis points are scored using Love (0), 15, 30, 40, Advantage (if necessary) and then game. Players typically play best out of 3 sets or best out of 5 sets. The first person to get 6 games wins the set unless it goes to 6 games each which would require a tiebreaker. The first person to win 7 points wins the tiebreaker. You must win by a margin of 2 points; and so, a tiebreaker has the possibility to go over 7 points

You may toss a coin or simply agree upon someone serving first. The server then starts off behind the baseline to the right of the marker and attempts the first serve into the left service box. If the ball goes in that service box, the play resumes. If the serve does not go into the left service box, then the server gets another try. Missing a serve is referred to as a fault. If the server misses the serve again (twice), then it is a double fault and the server loses that point.

So, if the server loses the first point, the server would call out Love - 15 which means that the server has Love (0) and the opponent has 15. If the server had hit the service in the left service box and won the point, then the server would call out 15 - Love (0). The server should call his score first.

The next point would start with the server behind the baseline standing to the left of the marker. This time, the server must attempt to serve the ball into the right service box. The server should continue to serve until the game is over. If the score ends up being 40 - 40 which is called Deuce, then the next point would result in Advantage for one of the players; and so, the next score could be 40 - Advantage which is referred to as Ad-Out. If the server had the advantage, the score would be Advantage - 40 or Ad-In. The person with the Advantage must win the next point to win the game; otherwise, the score returns to 40 - 40 or Deuce.

Whoever wins the game gets 1 game within that set. The opponent then gets their turn to serve. The individual games are scored in the same manner each time regardless of the server. In tennis, the server typically has a greater chance of winning the game particularly for the skilled servers since the server could possibly get a few free points or unreturned serves. If the server lands the ball in the service box and the opponent is not able to touch it, then it is called an Ace which results in a point.

The servers will continue serving games until one person reaches 6 games which represents a set. If the score is 6 games each, then a tiebreaker is played to 7 points. The first one to reach 7 points in the tiebreaker with a margin of 2 points wins the set. Then, the same scoring process begins for the second set and so on. If you are playing best out of 3 sets, then the first person to win 2 sets wins the match. If you are playing best out of 5 sets, then the first person to win 3 sets wins the match.

Aptos 2016 Results

08/14/2016Daniel Evans 2 - 0 Cameron Norrie
08/13/2016Daniel Evans 2 - 0 Bjorn Fratangelo
08/13/2016E. Quigley 1 - 2 Cameron Norrie
08/13/2016Daniel Evans 2 - 0 J. McGee
08/12/2016Bjorn Fratangelo 2 - 0 Marinko Matosevic
08/12/2016Cameron Norrie 2 - 1 Evan King
08/12/2016Raymond Sarmiento 0 - 2 E. Quigley
08/12/2016Bjorn Fratangelo 2 - 0 C. Thompson

Aptos 2016 Results

08/14/2016Scholtz/ Vorster 2 - 1 McDonald/ McLachlan
08/13/2016Scholtz/ Vorster 2 - 0 Nishioka/ Uchiyama
08/12/2016McDonald/ McLachlan 2 - 1 Halebian/ Sarmiento
08/11/2016Krueger/ Kuznetsov 1 - 2 Kozlov/ Reid
08/11/2016McDonald/ McLachlan 2 - 0 Evans/ Glasspool
08/11/2016O'Brien/ Roelofse 0 - 2 Scholtz/ Vorster
08/11/2016Broady/ Ramanathan 0 - 2 Kozlov/ Reid
08/10/2016Crepaldi/ Pompan 0 - 2 Scholtz/ Vorster

Atlanta 2019 Results

07/28/2019Alex De Minaur 2 - 0 Harry Fritz Taylor
07/27/2019Miomir Kecmanovic 0 - 2 Harry Fritz Taylor
07/27/2019Reilly Opelka 1 - 2 Alex De Minaur
07/27/2019Cameron Norrie 1 - 2 Harry Fritz Taylor
07/26/2019Ugo Humbert 0 - 2 Miomir Kecmanovic
07/26/2019Cameron Norrie 2 - 0 Alexei Popyrin
07/26/2019Reilly Opelka 2 - 0 Daniel Evans
07/26/2019Alex De Minaur 1 - 0 Bernard Tomic

Atlanta 2016 Results

09/18/2016Elise Mertens 2 - 0 M. Oudin
09/17/2016Elise Mertens 2 - 0 Kristie Ahn
09/17/2016M. Oudin 2 - 0 Tessah Andrianjafitrimo
09/16/2016Tessah Andrianjafitrimo 2 - 0 E. Ianchuk
09/16/2016Elise Mertens 2 - 1 M. Larcher de Brito
09/16/2016Michaella Krajicek 1 - 2 Kristie Ahn
09/16/2016L. Robson 0 - 2 M. Oudin
09/15/2016Kristie Ahn 2 - 0 Alize Lim

Bakersfield 2019 Results

03/17/2019Jenson Brooksby 2 - 0 Aleksandar Vukic
03/16/2019Joao Menezes 1 - 2 Aleksandar Vukic
03/16/2019Jenson Brooksby 2 - 0 Sekou Bangoura
03/15/2019Jack Draper 0 - 1 Lloyd Glasspool
03/15/2019Strong Kirchheimer 2 - 0 Tobias Simon
03/15/2019Isaiah Strode 0 - 2 Joao Menezes
03/15/2019Lloyd Glasspool 0 - 2 Aleksandar Vukic
03/14/2019Ryan Shane 0 - 2 Alexander Ritschard

Binghamton 2016 Results

07/24/2016Mitchell Krueger 0 - 2 Darian King
07/23/2016Ramkumar Ramanathan 0 - 2 Mitchell Krueger
07/23/2016Darian King 2 - 1 Andrey Golubev
07/22/2016Mitchell Krueger 2 - 0 Hiroki Moriya
07/22/2016Brydan Klein 1 - 2 Ramkumar Ramanathan
07/22/2016Darian King 1 - 0 Stefan Kozlov
07/22/2016Lloyd Glasspool 1 - 2 Andrey Golubev
07/21/2016Ramkumar Ramanathan 2 - 1 J. R. Statham

Boca Raton 2016 Results

03/06/2016C. Lindell 0 - 2 P. Heras
03/05/2016P. Heras 2 - 1 Jonathan Eysseric
03/05/2016C. Lindell 2 - 0 Wil Spencer
03/04/2016J. S. Gomez 0 - 2 Jonathan Eysseric
03/04/2016P. Heras 2 - 0 Sekou Bangoura
03/04/2016C. Lindell 2 - 0 Facundo Mena
03/04/2016Miomir Kecmanovic 1 - 2 Wil Spencer
03/03/2016J. S. Gomez 2 - 1 Felipe Mantilla

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